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Breaking into the Comic Book Scene as an Artist

5 min read

A lot of artists dream of breaking into the comic book industry. Suppose you’ve ever been to comic cons and…

studying online

How to Leverage the Pomodoro Technique for Online Classes

4 min read

Contrary to popular belief, online classes are just as difficult as face-to-face classes, sometimes even more. While in-person classes are…


A Better Learning Hub: 3 Design Moves to Create a Minimalist Classroom

3 min read

Minimalism has quickly become a buzzword in designing spaces not just in homes but in classrooms, as well. More educators…

Art & Creativity

Art & Creativity

Expanding and Enhancing Your Musical Knowledge Made Easy

Expanding and Enhancing Your Musical Knowledge Made Easy

3 min read

Everyone loves music. After all, the lyrics, melody, and harmony can accurately depict what people are feeling. Songs evoke memories…

Formal Learning

mother and kid playing

How to Best Prepare Your Toddler for Formal Schooling

5 min read

Establish a routine at home to prepare them for school life. Encourage independence by teaching them essential life skills. Focus…

female Singaporean in a desk job stretching while smiling with laptop in front of her

Top Skills Future Courses for Personal & Professional Growth

5 min read

Skills Future is a Singaporean government-initiative program focused on continuous learning and skills upgrading. It provides courses for personal growth…


Happy child in school

Enhancing Children’s IQ: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents and Educators

5 min read

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) tests assess cognitive abilities and potential for academic success through standardized questions. IQ is formed by both…

woman making gestures for kids education in school

How To Navigate the First Educational Milestone: A Parent’s Guide

5 min read

 Parental involvement, realistic goal-setting, and routine establishment are key to a child’s educational success. Good charter schools offer unique, cost-effective…

father & daughter

Essential Skills Dads Need to Teach Their Child

6 min read

Fathers play a crucial role in children’s intellectual, psychological, and emotional development. Essential skills dads teach include financial literacy, self-sufficiency,…

Playful Learning

students going inside the school bus

Making Education Fun for Children

May 12, 20235 min read

Incorporate interactive learning materials and technology-based activities to make education more enjoyable.  Make learning relevant by involving children in practical…

child having fun

Summer Fun: What Your Child Can Learn this Season

Aug 13, 20214 min read

Summer is a much-needed break from school for young kids. It’s a way to recharge and learn what to do…

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